Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months in the smartphone business.
We'll see the iPhone get multitasking (or at least the appearance thereof).
Android will get flash.
Both will get video chat (Skype, get on this!).
And maybe we'll even see Palm do something exciting besides getting bought by HP!
Windows Phone 7 will get closer to release (get it out the door! 30 million units aren't going to sell themselves).

And of course, the consumer wins out.
I'm down with that.

Things I'm looking forward to:
How good is the video chat on the EVO and iPhone 4?
What does flash do to the battery life of Android phones? (Guess: bad things)
What's better? Screen size or resolution? Previously my answer would have been a solid "resolution at all costs" but now I'm not so sure. This could also be framed as iPhone vs. EVO, but it's a bigger deal than that. My computer has a 15" screen with 1680x1050 as its resolution, I sometimes wish that I could get one that had 1920x1200 (or higher!) in this size laptop, but that only happens in a few models (Dell's latitudes come to mind).

In my mind something needs to happen about screen resolutions. HDTV has done some bad things to the progression of resolutions. A little bit of me cries inside anytime that I see a 15" or larger laptop with a 1366x768 screen.
What we need is resolution independence for screens.
That probably needs some explaining.
What I mean is that there should be some standard so that interface elements can appear the same size regardless of screen resolution. A 300 dpi screen on a laptop would be nigh unreadable with the way that laptop screens currently work (interface elements are a given number of pixels). By default they should appear at a "readable" size. That way, you can have an insanely high resolution screen and still be able to read things. Additionally, things will appear super sharp, which I don't think anyone would regard as a bad thing. I want to actually be able to view photos somewhere within shouting distance of their native resolution. The screen on my camera is probably beyond 300 dpi, and it is drop-dead gorgeous (somewhere around 940k dots at 3" diagonally).
Notebook manufacturers: How cool would it be to be able to boast about having the highest screen density in the industry. I'd consider getting that notebook down the line.

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