Saturday, August 14, 2010


Techcrunch wrote the article on Google and net neutrality that I wanted to write, but wasn't articulate enough to.
The gist of it: Google is greedy and wants more money, and capitulating to Verizon on net neutrality will help them with that, but they should just admit that straight up. They should jsut admit that they're being greedy. This whole "it's really best for the consumer!" mantra on this is total bullshit.
Just like Facebook and privacy (their business model depends on your information being public) Google's best monetary interests are in something other than true net neutrality right now.

They're greedy. I'm fine with them being greedy, but I'm not fine with them being disingenuous.
Fun trick though: I'm greedy too. I want the internet to be open and free and all of that good stuff because I'm greedy. I want to stream things at a gigabit per second, I want to have everything accessible from my smartphone at broadband speeds with the flick of a finger, I want it to be easier to do what I do.
I bet a lot of other consumers do too. This net neutrality proposal isn't what is best for the consumers, and I want that to change, because I'm a greedy little bugger who wants more from his internet.

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